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                             Services We Provide

*Listing (pre-sale) Inspections

*Purchase (buyers) Inspections

*Light commercial/retail Inspections

*Investor Inspections

*Landlord/Tenant Inspections

*Four Point Insurance Inspections

*Wind Mitigation Inspections

*Follow up Inspection/report edit

*Customized inspections, scope determined by client need
The Listing and Purchase Inspections are considered full service inspections and all
aspects of building integrity, safety, and functional capability of the building's mechanical
systems are addressed.

These inspections include a minimum of the following:

Structural, roof(s), building envelope openings, foundation, decks, patios/porches,
driveways, grounds, electrical systems, plumbing systems, HVAC systems, built in
appliances, windows and doors, attic, insulation, duct work and ventilation, exterior
conditions, garages, fireplaces, and the complete interior. Additional services are available
upon request. These services, include but are not limited to: Pool/spa/hot tub, boat docks,
sea walls, elevators, accessory buildings, crawl space(s), acreage, etc.

A Minimum of what we look for:

Water intrusion, settling, rot, visual signs of mold/mildew, moisture or damage from foliage,
past damage from water, fire and wood destroying organisms (termites, ants, etc.) external
grading issues, and safety hazards.

Insurance inspection products

Insurance inspections include Wind Mitigation, four point inspections, and roof certification.
These products are offered for site built homes, town house/villa/condos, manufactured and
mobile housing, and light retail/commercial buildings. Four point inspections and roof
certifications are sometimes required in order to gain insurance coverage on these types of
structures. Although these products generally come with a fee, if they are produced in
conjunction with a full buyers or sellers inspection we will provide them free of charge when
required as our way of saying "thank you for your business".  A wind mitigation inspection is
voluntary. This report addresses nine different points of the building's ability to withstand
wind load. It is the inspector's duty to remove some or all of the fee justification of the wind
portion of the insurance premium based upon various structural components of the building.
In short, a wind mitigation survey can significantly reduce your overall annual premium. This
report is valid for five years or until major material change has occurred to the structure.

Scope of services provided in ancillary inspections

Range of services provided in our additionally listed inspections are at the discretion of the
end user and can be as detailed or as general as requested.  For further information
regarding these services please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.  You can
contact us by
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Our Regular Service Area

We proudly serve the entire greater Bay area including: Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas,
Western Polk and Northern Manatee counties. We will gladly travel beyond our normal
coverage area for multiple inspections or just to help those in need.

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